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Our Mission

To promote a healthy Catholic Church, and address the difficult issues the Lakota people face. Each and every Mission program is designed to further Lakota leadership and champion Lakota and Catholic values.

Sapa Un Students

Our Programs

Recovery Center


12-Hour Family Recovery Program


Recovery meetings in three different communities on the reservation.

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Free dental clinic operating on the Rosebud Reservation serving almost 14,000 people.


Four active parishes throughout the reservation led by Fr. Edmund Yainao SJ, Fr. Jim Lafontaine SJ, and  Deacon Ben Black Bear Jr.

Sapa Un Jesuit Academy

Only faith-based dual-language school on the Rosebud Reservation.

Religious Education

Release-time religious education in local public schools.


An important resource for historians, ethnographers, anthropologists, and artists. 

Originally started to help our people preserve our artifacts, history, and language.

Latest News

We’re pursuing many innovative initiatives to address the immediate needs of those on the Rosebud Reservation while simultaneously building foundations for prosperous futures of our people. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

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