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Recovery Services

St. Francis Mission has partnered with the Betty Ford Institute to provide educational programing to address the effects addiction has on the family. Because addiction is a family disease, without addressing the family dynamics of addiction, the addict suffers a high risk of relapse even after an intensive treatment program.

In these recovery programs, participants learn about codependency and the various role types that exist in family structure. Role types can cause enabling conduct and play a significant role in strengthening addictions; they can also lead to addiction in other family members. Participants of the 12-hour Family Recovery Program learn how to set boundaries, control codependency issues, and learn communication skills so they can express their emotions and feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

What Participants Say

Gifford, Ft. Peck, MT

“The services they (St. Francis Mission) provide at the two centers give hope to the people wanting a better sober way of life. It has helped me and countless others regain their sense of dignitiy”

Don Y., Rosebud, SD

“Family members who go through the 12-hour Family Recovery Program gain insight into the disease aspect of addiction. Very cunning, baffling and powerful. Both of the centers offer support through 12-step programs, traditional ceremonies and through church activities. Thank you for making this possible for me for the past 38 years.”

Charles, Rosebud, SD

“The SFM built two recovery centers on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Both outreach referral centers are for anyone seeking a healthy sober lifestyle thorugh various support groups, whatever works. Thanks to the St. Francis Mission for doing something about the problem here on the reservation by allowing Lakota people to run these centers and come up with solutions that work.”

White River Recovery Center

St. Francis Mission employee, Jim Stands, is the director of the White River Recovery Center in the town of White River on the Rosebud Reservation. Jim helps to coordinate a multitude of support groups in recovery in the 12-step tradition.

Jim Stands notes that all the people on the Reservation are affected by the disease of addiction. It affects families in many generations from the great-grandchildren to the great grandparents, the individual, the family, the tiospaye (extended family), the community, and the oyate (the Nation).

​White River Recovery Center Schedule
Monday: Narcotics Anonymous 8:00PM
Tuesday: A.A. 12:00 Noon,

Gamblers Anonymous 8:00PM

Al-Anon 8:00PM
Wednesday: Out-Of-Towners “Open” AA meeting 8:00PM
Thursday: A.A. “Closed” 8:00PM
Friday: Schedule open for any 12-step meeting

Additional Services

Open Recovery Meetings

“Open Recovery” meets at 7:00 PM every Wednesday evening at the Icimani Ya Waste Recovery Center in St. Francis. This group is affectionately known as “Open Recovery” because it can often help serve as a supportive place for those in recovery from any addiction drugs, alcoholism, drama, depression etc, to come talk about some of the struggles together. The group started with three members and has grown to around 15-20 participants on a consistent weekly basis. 

This group is led by a volunteer who is two years sober and has been helping others on the road to recovery by starting, hosting, and leading these meetings.

Weekly Healing Circle

This group is a branch off the Open Recovery meetings that were started in 2022 in St. Francis.  One of the members decided to start their own meetings in Parmelee, which is another tribal community 20 miles away.  We are very fortunate for this member extending our effort.

The weekly healing circle meets every Saturday from 6:00pm to 8:00 PM in Parmelee at the Blue Community Hall.