Sapa Un 2023-2024 Application

The purpose of missionary activity is to establish a local church that becomes strong enough to take care of its own needs and send missionaries to other parts of the world to spread the Gospel. To accomplish this goal on the Rosebud Reservation, St. Francis Mission has short-term and long-term objectives. In the short-term, the Mission provides programs for basic re-evangelization of the Catholic population–parishes, religious education, recovery programs, programs that support Lakota language and culture. These are foundational requirements for leadership. However, in order to provide an educated and ethically responsible group of leaders for the future, St. Francis Mission, in the long-term, must provide a quality Catholic education.

In September 2013, the Mission began an academy based on the Jesuit Nativity model of schools. This network of schools has a proven track record among high-risk populations of producing students who are able to graduate from colleges and universities. This type of school produces Lakota leaders both in the Tribe and in the Church.

The Nativity-model academy at St. Francis is unique in that it requires students to learn Lakota language and culture in a Catholic context. In addition, the academy is supported by other Mission programs, including the Family Recovery Program, counseling, and religious formation.

What Parents Say

The education at Sapa Un fosters a sense of community and the children learning the importance of service to others. One thing in particular we have noticed is the idea of meeting each child where they are in their particular learning and development. In this increasingly harsh world that children are growing up in, a community of faith and love in a school that focuses on the entire child–their mind, heart and spirit–is an immeasurably important base to build young lives for the future. We found these traditions at Sapa Un Catholic Academy.

My daughter has tested two grades above her grade level and is excelling! Sapa Un has no bullies, all of the parents are involved, smaller class sizes, Catholic teachings, Lakota teachings, and most importantly taught moral values. It honestly feels like I walk into someone’s house to visit friends I love and know everyday when I walk into the school. This reservation is very blessed to have this kind of school. If this school did not exist, I would move away for a better education and life.


Since being at Sapa Un Academy, I have seen my daughter being excited about school, and more importantly excited about learning. She loves to read and is improving more everyday. The staff encourage the parents to engage in the children’s learning process. We as parents have seen such improvements in her learning and overall behavior since being a student at Sapa Un Academy. We are very glad we made the decision to enroll our daughter in Sapa Un Academy.


About Sapa Un Jesuit Academy

The Sapa Un Jesuit Academy, is St Francis Mission’s Faith- based, Dual Language School on the Rosebud Reservation. We are now accepting applications for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade for the 2024-2025 school year. Students of all religious backgrounds are welcome!

Students enjoy a small class size of 10- 12 students, an experienced, caring and qualified staff, fresh nutritious meals, and low tuition fees with scholarships available. We offer cultural opportunities in Lakota language and culture. Our students also engage in cooperative learning.

For more information, or to apply, contact St. Francis Mission at 747-2361.