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Give now to support our work to build wellness, community, and leadership on the Rosebud Reservation with the Lakota people.

Your contribution will make a great difference in the work we do everyday. Through our work in each of the important programs we operate founded on Catholic values and Lakota culture, we are creating a healthy community on the Rosebud Reservation. Thank you for wanting to be a part of it!

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Donating by credit card: some changes

As credit card fraud increases, we want to make sure your donations are safe and secure.  So we are initiating some changes to bring us into compliance with best practices.  We will no longer ask for credit card donations by mail.  Writing down your number makes it more vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands and being misused.  Also, we won’t accept credit card donations over the phone.

The safest way to donate by credit card is online.  The “Donate” button on our website is safe and secure.  We have upgraded our database to Raiser’s Edge, which has its own merchant services.  Though you may continue to use PayPal, please consider switching to our “Donate” button.  PayPal charges a fee for its use, so your donation will be less than what you intend.  The fee for a $100 donation via PayPal is $2.48, reducing the gift we receive from you to $97.52.  We want to make sure that every cent you want SFM to receive arrives, so please consider using the credit card portal on our website.  Thank you.