St. Francis Mission seeks qualified candidates to fill the position of President.  Applications will be assessed on demonstrated experience, leadership abilities, and effective management skills, particularly in fundraising.  The strongest candidates will have an entrepreneurial spirit with the passion and talent to help lead this vital social service ministry.  Lakota or other Native American candidates are enthusiastically encouraged to apply.

The St. Francis Mission (SFM) was founded by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in 1886.  SFM is on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in south-central South Dakota.  It is a not-for-profit organization with an active Board of Directors and continues to enjoy a robust partnership with the Jesuits through its USA Midwest Province.  SFM respects the traditions of the Lakota people and fully collaborates with them to meet the spiritual, educational, social, and physical needs of the community.

The mission of SFM is: “To promote a healthy Catholic Church and address the difficult issues the Lakota people face. Each and every Mission program is designed to further Lakota leadership and champion Lakota and Catholic values.”  The mission-centered work currently supports social and spiritual ministry in five parishes, as well as the Icimani Ya Waste Recovery Center, the White River Recovery Center, the CYO Religious Education Center in Rosebud, the Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum, a Dental Clinic, and the Sapa Un Catholic Academy (Kindergarten through 8th grades). All work is done in cooperation with Bishop Peter M. Muhich of the Diocese of Rapid City. 

President Position Description

The SFM President is an individual driven to serve others and a solid leader with a head for strategy and a heart for the Lord.   She/he is able to work with key staff and stakeholders to strengthen and implement best-practice systems, including setting goals and establishing appropriate metrics that measure success.  The ideal President has a proven track record in non-profit management, including fundraising. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Together with the Board, create and implement the St. Francis Mission 5-year strategic plan and an annual operating budget.
  • With the Board Chair, plan, coordinate, and staff Board Meetings. 
  • Cultivate relationships and collaborate with local community leaders, the Midwest Province of Jesuits, and the nearby Red Cloud Indian School.
  • Motivate, supervise, evaluate, and mentor current staff and create a supportive, goal oriented and productive work environment based on respect, meaningful communication, and teamwork.
  • Create and oversee an annual fundraising plan that is clear in its goals, target audiences and timelines.
  • Serve as a passionate and informed advocate for St. Francis Mission.

SFM offers a competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to examine the St. Francis Mission website (https://www.sfmission.org).  A complete Job Description is posted in the “employment” tab.

Send resume with cover letter and any inquiries by May 4, 2022, to:

Tom Ulrich ( tom.ulrich@sfmission.net)

Job Description

Position Description:

President of Saint Francis Mission


The position shall serve as the principal executive officer, with the requisite authority and accountability for the operation of all programs and facilities of Saint Francis Mission. The president is missioned by the Provincial of the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus as a “Director of an Apostolic Work of the Jesuits”; and therefore, must work collaboratively with the provincial leadership and the Canonical Pastor, who is missioned as “Director of Work of the Catholic Community” on the Rosebud Reservation. The president reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Leadership

Provide visionary leadership as the principal executive officer of the Mission.

Passionately engage all employees in the understanding and achievement of the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the Mission. 

Lead by example through the consistent practice of Jesuit/Ignatian spirituality and Lakota values.

  • Strategy

Lead the Mission in preparing and annually updating a board-approved strategic plan which establishes a clear long-term vision, mission and key strategic objectives.

Annually develop goals and objectives for the Mission and each of its departments which support achievement of the strategic plan. Clearly communicate the goals to all employees to focus organizational effort on achievement of the goals. Ensure that employees are regularly updated regarding progress.

  • Financial Results

Prepare an annual board-approved budget for the Mission. The budget must establish clear, achievable goals for fundraising, and then set expense budgets based upon achieving a balanced budget. 

Make sure timely and accurate quarterly financial statements are prepared, with an annual audit conducted by a third-party accounting firm acceptable to the board. The audit should contain no exceptions.

Lead fundraising efforts to provide sufficient operational and endowment funds to help ensure the financial viability of the Mission. 

Ensure that each department achieves its annual budgeted financial results. 

  • Management

Directly supervise the chief operating officer, the director of development and the external accounting consultant, holding them accountable for results in their respective areas of responsibility.

Provide administrative leadership to the Mission ensuring the success of all programs and the proper maintenance of all facilities and properties. 

Manage risks to the Mission by employing appropriate insurance, legal and other strategies.

In collaboration with the Board of Directors, establish and enforce clear policies for the governance and operation of the Mission. 

Support and collaborate with the Canonical Pastor and pastoral team in the effort to reimagine and reinvigorate parish ministry and solidify a Lakota-led Church on the Rosebud Reservation.

Work collaboratively with Sapa Un School leadership, faculty and staff to ensure the highest quality education is being delivered to students, while also focusing on their faith. Coordinate with the Pastoral Team to integrate religion throughout school studies and programs. 

Provide for the continued professional development of all employees, with a focus on developing strong Lakota leadership in each department. Provide clear and consistent feedback to employees through active performance management and suggestions for improvement.

  • Communications/External Relations

Serve as the primary point of public contact for the Mission. Clearly articulate the vision, mission and strategic goals of the Mission and promote the spiritual health and growth of the various communities served by the Mission.

Serve as the primary contact in all matters with the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus and with the De Smet Jesuit Community.

Regularly communicate with the Bishop of the Diocese of Rapid City and keep him informed of key Mission activities and issues. 

Focus on establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, tribal officials, province staff, Jesuits, Red Cloud Indian School leadership, local and state officials and others. 

Develop and maintain marketing plans and materials to increase awareness of the Mission and enhance its fundraising efforts. 

  • Board of Directors Duties

Serve as an ex-officio, voting member of the Board of Directors and all committees. 

Schedule meetings, prepare agendas in collaboration with the Board Chair, assist staff with presentations to the Board and ensure that accurate meeting minutes are recorded and maintained. 

Timely inform the Board of all major activities and issues. Provide regular monthly updates regarding progress toward key goals and provide quarterly financial statements.

Communicate key issues and concerns from the staff to the Board as well as from the Board to the staff.


A practicing Catholic, preferably a member of the Society of Jesus.
Committed to implementing the Catholic, Lakota and Jesuit mission of the Saint Francis Mission.
Lakota or other Native American applicants are encouraged to apply.
College degree, graduate degree preferred. 
Strong personal integrity, values and compassion.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Proven leadership experience in a complex organization with multiple internal and external stakeholders.
Demonstrable experience as a collaborative and decisive manager.
Prior experience successfully managing major fund-raising efforts. 
An understanding of Lakota or other Native American people; or a willingness to learn the Lakota culture and how it is integral to the success of the Saint Francis Mission.  
Experience in elementary or secondary education, either in an administrative or faculty position, is desired but not required.

Organization Flow Chart