St. Charles Borromeo Centennial Celebration

St. Charles Borromeo Parish Centennial Celebration Mass and Dinner
Saturday, October 1, 2022 – 4pm.
St. Charles Borromeo Centennial Celebration was held on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Mass was celebrated by Bishop Peter Muhich and the Jesuit Priests from the St. Francis Mission and Red Cloud, including Deacon Ben Black Bear, Jr. It was a beautiful day for the celebration. Wopila Tanka to the St. Francis Mission staff and to all who cooked the delicious meal. Thank you Bayon Bordeaux, our St. Charles Parishioners Winnie Hairy Shirt, Claudette Crow Eagle, Marissa Yellow Eagle, Iverene Lunderman, Benton Black Bear, Caroline DeCory, Ben & Jenny Black Bear. Thank you Ben for traveling twice to pick up food. 100 years is a long time and we are glad we were able to celebrate and share a meal with everyone! Thank you all for traveling near and far to celebrate with us.